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Residency Letters

 Strong Personal Statements for your residency application 

Residency Letters is your one stop source for residency personal statements, letter of recommendations and interview prep.


We have over 10+ years of experience in dealing with residency applications with our strong and dedicated team members. We are trustworthy and are able to provide quality work for a lower price, why pay more for a cheap template when you can have something unique that fits your budget.


Choose us to get the perfect Personal Statement and LOR fitted for your needs and to make you an outstanding candidate. 

Our Editors

We have highly qualified writers and editors with 10+ years of experience in the medical residency application field. Our writers and editors have insider knowledge from program directors and selection committees. We have the trained and professional writers, editors, and even residents who can help work with you. We can help you edit, and write your Personal Statements, and LORs, and fix up your resumes/CV. You can also have one on one time with our group of residents giving you expert interview advise! Trust us to help you succeed and stand out this residency season. 

IMG Focus

We can create individualized Personal Statements that will not only exemplify your experiences and diverse background but also highlight the skills and qualities you gained during clinical rotations. Our Questionnaire will help us understand you and bring your life story to life. Our committed staff have been helping IMGs and American Grads for years with the Residency application.     

Personal statements are an important part of your application to residency programs in the United States. A personal statement is intended to complement your other qualifications by allowing you to express who you are and why you are applying to residency. 

How Important is Your Personal Statement?


"They did a great job in writing my personal statement, and fixing my CV. I would definitely recommend them, and they are super fast."

F. Aktar

Chicago, IL

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