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Personal Statements

  • Get an individualized, custom personal statement to make your residency application stronger!

  • One of the most vital aspects of a Residency Application on ERAS, is the Personal Statement, which provides an unique insight into your personality.

  • Personal Statements provide the Residency Program Directors, and Interview Panelist with the first impression to who you are as an individual, thus providing you with an edge closer to securing an Interview slot. 

The Importance of a Strong Personal Statement

Do you know about the vital role your personal statement plays in your residency application process? It is an important and essential part of your residency application, it provides the selection committee their first glimpse of you. The role of the personal statement is to provide the admissions committee a reason to select you for an interview. Chances are there are just as many residency applicants with the same credentials, experiences, and qualifications as you. Personals statements help make candidates stand out from one another. A personal statement requires a lot of preparation, planning, structure and personalization. Personal statements have to be focused well to communicate the applicant's skills, experiences, and future goals. They have to be organized in well worded manner that catches the reader's attention, and many times a great personal statement can even make you stand out with low unfavorable scores. Many of our clients we were able to secure residency interview slots through the use of our personal statement services.

Personal Statement - Writing

$150 CAD

  • First you will be completing our questionnaire and answering a few basic questions, and provide us with an updated version of your CV. 

  • We will create an unique, professional, and high quality Personal Statement that is catered to your field of choice (i.e. Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, etc.), constructed from the questionnaire. 

  • The Personal Statement will reflect your personality, experiences, choices for the specific field, and further explain why you are an outstanding candidate for an interview. 

  • 5-7 business days

Personal Statement - Editing

$75 CAD

  • The editors will be able to reorganize, and change your Personal Statements that you have already written to make it more professional, and outstanding. 

  • Your Personal Statement will be checked for grammar, syntax, refined, retuned, and polished to make you stand out amongst the other applicants. 

  • Does not add new content. 

  • 3-5 business days

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