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Interview Prep

  • The medical residency interview is the most critical and is the final link between making your dreams come true by matching into a residency program.

  • Improve your interview and communication skills by working with our experts coaches and residents with one-on-one interview preps. We can help you be memorable to the selection committee, and you will be closer to your medical career. 

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Interview Prep - $250 CAD

  • If you need help to prepare and practice for interviews then schedule an interview prep with us for 90 mins (1.5 hours) with an interview coach or a resident, it's up to you

  • We can give you tips, go over most important interview questions, and discuss strategies to stand out amongst the other candidates.

  • We will provide you with a list of the most common questions asked and answers

  • Interview coaching is based on most common questions that you will be asked during a residency interview, along with some specific and uncommon questions

  • We can teach you strategies to answer questions, how to keep your pose, and how to communicate effectively. Through role-playing you will apply and retune your interview skills

  • Speak with one of our residents to get one on one expert advise!

  • Our interview coaches and residents have tons of experience and can work 

  • Contact us today, to schedule the call


Mock Interview - $200 CAD

  • Prepare for your upcoming interviews with a mock trial with one of our highly skilled interview coaches or residents for a 45 min session   

  • The interviewer will be asking you 10-20 questions, based on timing, direction of the conversation, and answers

  • It will be geared to reflect real time interview questions and scenarios 

  • The interview may be recorded to later provide feedback in the follow up email outlining areas where improvements can be made and how to better answer questions

  • This will also include sample thank you emails directed towards each interviewer, resident or staff that have been used in real life by past residents 

  • This will also allow you to further email us to ask the interviewer any further questions or concerns you may have during the interview process, or if you would like to discuss how you felt about your interviews later

  • Contact us today, to schedule the call.  

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