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Letter of Recommendation

  • Get an individualized, custom letter of recommendation to written specifically for you as written by your preceptor.

  • This is especially helpful for applicants whose preceptor asks them to write their own LORs. 

  • LORs play a huge role for the admission selection committee. It demonstrated the qualifications and skills of the candidate as written by a preceptor.

  • The purpose of the letter is basically to portray the person in a favorable light and to give the necessary assurance of their abilities.

LOR - Writing

$80 CAD

  • Most times, doctors/preceptors are busy to write you a letter of recommendation from scratch, and it gets especially difficult when they are writing the LORs constantly for so many students. 

  • If you preceptor wants you to write your own LOR, why not use our services when we can provide you with an excellent LOR that will get the attention of the interview committee. 

  • Make yourself stand out, as LORs are important, and generic LORs are easily caught and rejected. 

  • Our highly skilled and professional team offers to write letters of recommendations that you can use on ERAS. The letters are designed and constructed to match the current rotation and doctor you are working with. 

  • 3-4 business days

LOR - Editing

$50 CAD

  • ​If you already have a LOR that you wanted edited just send it to us, and we can revamp it and make it sound more professional.

  • 2-3 business days

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