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  • Most times, doctors/preceptors are busy to write you a letter of recommendation from scratch, and it gets especially difficult when they are writing the LORs constantly for so many students. 
  • If you preceptor wants you to write your own LOR, why not use our services when we can provide you with an excellent LOR that will get the attention of the interview committee. 

LOR - Writing

    • First you purchase this service, and then after you receive a confirmation you will an email from us in roughly 6-8 hours from one of our editors or team member. 
    • Please also include your Resume/CV within in the email.
    • After we have received your email reply we will begin working on the LOR, and you will get your rough draft shortly. After you have gone over the draft, you can communicate with your editor about the changes and edits you would like. 
    • Customer satisfaction gauranteed. 
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