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  • If you need help to prepare and practice for interviews then schedule an interview prep with us for 90 mins (1.5 hours) with an interview coach or a resident, it's up to you

  • We can give you tips, go over most important interview questions, and discuss strategies to stand out amongst the other candidates.

  • We will provide you with a list of the most common questions asked and answers

  • Interview coaching is based on most common questions that you will be asked during a residency interview, along with some specific and uncommon questions

  • We can teach you strategies to answer questions, how to keep your pose, and how to communicate effectively. Through role-playing you will apply and retune your interview skills

  • Speak with one of our residents to get one on one expert advise!

  • Our interview coaches and residents have tons of experience and can work 

  • Contact us today, to schedule the call

Interview Prep

    • First you purchase this service, and then after you receive an email in roughly 6-8 hours from one of our editors or team member. 
    • Please include the dates and times you are avilable, we are only able to offer scheduled calls on Saturday and Sundays, all day. 
    • Schedule an one-on-one skype call with one of our residents from our team. It's a 30 min call with a resident.
    • You will get insider tips on interview, what questions you will be asked and how to answer them, along with any other questions you may have about the interview process. 
    • Please also include your Skype Name or Phone Number or the Number you would like for us to call you, or you can add us XXXXXXX. 
    • Customer satisfication gaurantee. 
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